To help the child help himself.

' the magic years '
A Montessori House of Children

The Years of early childhood demand of a child feats he may never again equal.
He learns to walk, to talk, he develop a consience, memory gains knowledge and lays the foundations of his personality. In the early years 2/3rds of the child's intellect is formed.

These are

the " MAGICAL YEARS "of life

'the magic years' is a Montessori house of children established in 1985.
It is run by The Magic Years Educational Society , registered in New Delhi. Situated on a half-acre plot in VASANT VIHAR, the school and gardens are designed along Montessori guidelines and the school uses the Montessori Method of Education . There are 200 children from over eighteen countries and all staff are qualified.
'the magic years' Montessori House of Children,
Street E-3, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057
TEL NO : 26140317

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'the magic years'
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